Location Hotel Antunović Zagreb
When 03/29/2017
9am - 17pm
DEMO ROOM Interactive and Visually Attractive
Workshops Business and Technological
Ateendees More than 400 Participants

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Demo section

S/4HANA - Fuelling The Digital Transformation

An innovative and simplified SAP solution

What makes the SAP S/4HANA solution special is a whole new user experience. The user is able to use SAP FIORI applications that are visually and process-wise understandable to the user and use HTML5 technology, which means they can be displayed on any device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone) with equal functionalities.


The solution is characterized by innovation and a simplified data model. The system architecture was modified and improved. In addition, new capabilities were introduced that may be very helpful with various analyses, predictions and simulations to support decision-making on all management levels.


As regards the implementation of S/4HANA, all variants are covered, both for new and existing SAP users. The solution offers various predefined migration and conversion tools and methods to make the transition to the new solution as quick and painless as possible. S/4HANA is able to operate on its own hardware, on a SAP HANA cloud, or using hybrid solutions (own hardware + cloud).


We are presenting the S/4HANA solution in the Demo Room and you will be able to see firsthand how it Works.

SAP and KING GEO DATA Management system integration

Linear asset spatial component management

The location is the starting point for numerous management processes, from planning and maintenance to emergency responses, unforeseen situations such as floods, accidents, etc. The first questions asked when planning an intervention are: “Where do we need to intervene?” and “Which assets do we have there?”.


The SAP system provides plenty of information about assets and support to business processes, while the spatial dimension of the KING GEO DATA Management suite enables cartographic viewing of the asset status, easier identification of assets in a particular area, quicker and simpler creation and tracking of work orders, and supervision of all assets “at a glance”. The map allows quick and easy identification of samples and critical points, which are not so easily identifiable in tabular data records.


KING GEO DATA Management includes GIS editing, viewing and distribution tools based on modern technologies (OL3, AngularJS, D3, etc.). It is designed to run on mobile devices as well. It allows for quick and easy exchange of spatial information and integration with different systems using standard interfaces.


Learn more about the integration of SAP LAM and the KING GEO DATA Management system, linear referencing, dynamic segmentation, examples of implementation, and generally about the KING GEO DATA Management suite in the Demo Room.


The HRplus Solution – New Features Following the HRM Trends

Advanced processes in Human Resource Management through the HRportal workflow

The HRplus solution was upgraded to deliver new features and HR processes.

The system supports advanced Human Resource Management through employee/manager relationships and collaboration.

Thanks to these upgrades, the solution allows for even easier full organizational and HR management.


The solution also includes time management, selection and recruitment (with integration to external registration systems), career management & performance management, and training & competence processes. It enables planning of all staff-related costs, accounting for all types of rewards, and performance of business trip-related procedures.

The system enables timely real-time reporting, preparation of analyses and ad hoc reporting. A self-service employee and manager portal, designed to run on mobile devices and tablets as well, is an integral part of the HRplus solution.


As a Live Demo, we will present in the Demo Room the advanced workflow through the HRportal self-service for HR processes. You will be able to see how performance and promotion system management works within an organization, how recruitment and contracts are managed, and how the hours worked by permanent employees are contractors are recorded.


Protection Against Internal and External Threats

Intelligent information system and vital data protection

A successful business is based on business processes conducted securely and reliably. Vital data which is crucial for business results, corporate reputation and compliance, is accessed and managed on a daily basis. How to effectively monitor vital data and protect it against unauthorized or malicious access or data breach, while protecting against increasingly sophisticated attacks and malware?


In the Demo Room, we will give you a live presentation of an integrated DLP (Data Loss Prevention), data classification and data encryption solution which allows you to control and protect your vital data, including integrated and intelligent information system security features allowing for timely protection, detection, containment and prevention of threats.

Arcserve UDP - Protection of Data from Workstations to the Data Center

Unified Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solution

The uniqueness of Arcserve's solution Arcserve UDP is the complete protection of user data from workstations to the data center.


The solution is characterized by global deduplication and equal support for physical and virtual data sources. With continuous real-time replication of most critical data continuity of business applications is ensured.

Regarding the implementation of Arcserve UDP solutions installation on physical servers, virtual platforms or Appliances are covered. The solution allows integration with the already well known Arcserve Backup solution.


Arcserve UDP will be presented in the demo room as appliance so as to have a firsthand look how it Works.

SAP Digital Boardroom

It provides to C-level executives real-time business intelligence - a single source of truth for the company

SAP Digital Boardroom is built on SAP BusinessObjects Cloud, this next-generation board portal leverages Lines of Business data from SAP S/4HANA and other applications to provide a single source of truth for the company.


It provides to C-level executives in the digital economy real-time business intelligence, ad hoc reporting, and what-if analysis to make decisions for today and drive change for the future. Right now, most leaders are challenged by heterogeneous reporting solutions and meetings dominated by static content. SAP Digital Boardroom transforms executive meetings from one-way presentations based on static media to interactive discussions based on real-time facts.


Facts about Digital Boardroom:

  • Give executives a complete, real-time view of company situations and key figures across departments – and foster trust among leaders
  • Improve decision making by accessing accurate information, answering ad hoc queries, and analyzing alternatives and implications
  • Simplify the boardroom process by reducing preparation time and offline topics – and use collaboration tools to leverage expert knowledge

Fare Collection System

An advanced software solution that offers new ticket sales channels to HŽPP customers

We present the solution that is being used by thousands of HŽPP passengers in a visually interesting and interactive way.

Tickets are now sold and reserved through five channels:  POS terminals, mobile terminals, TVM ticket machines, web portal and smartphones.

The ticket sale and reservation system is connected with CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SAP ERP and an analytical BI solution, and integrated with an EPA international sale system.

HŽ Putnički prijevoz is a company engaged in domestic and international public railway transport of passengers. They sell around 5.9 million domestic tickets and around 100,000 international ones every year.


Visit the Demo Room and see how fare collection works in real life through four channels: POS terminal, mobile terminal, smartphone and web portal. In addition to the sales process, we will show you how tickets are validated and present other features of the fare collection system.

Cisco: Meraki Cloud Networking

SAP Out of Office

SAP solutions for mobile business

Business mobility is a growing trend in modern business. An increasing number of employees work out of office and there are an increasing number of activities that need to be performed outside the company premises. This is why technological solutions that support today’s business must be able to follow employees’ mobility and allow them to perform their business tasks, as well as uninterrupted and secure access to business data and applications from any location.


In the Demo Room, we will present SAP mobile business solutions with an emphasis on asset management. You will be able to see and try the SAP Work Manager, SAP Inventory Manager and SAP Rounds Manager solutions running on different mobile platforms and with different device formats.

These solutions are fully integrated with the SAP ERP system, support offline operation, are integrated with other systems such as DMS and GIS, and are implemented through the SAP Mobile Platform as a leading platform for developing and delivering mobile enterprise solutions.


Solution Made By IGEL Technology

Management done easy by the IGEL UMS

- Management done easy by the IGEL UMS

- How to  convert PCs and Notebooks to Thin Clients and manage them with the UMS

HPE Synergy

Blade after blade…

As a longstanding leader in the server market, Hewlett Packard Enterprise presents the next important step in the development of the so-called Compute platform. Focusing on Compute resources rather than servers as separate infrastructure elements, HPE Synergy presents an infrastructure platform for the next decade – blade after blades…


Modern IT has increasingly used new generation apps and services (cloud, software-defined) to meet the needs of businesses for quick delivery and scalability of service. At the same, the IT Department should continue to support traditional apps and services (database, virtualization...).


Find out how HPE Synergy enables the consolidation of a traditional IT infrastructure platform and a new generation app and service platform and connects them all through software-defined intelligence of infrastructure elements.

Video Analytic Traffic Control Systems

Video analytics as the backbone of security and transport system

Traffic video analytic systems represent a very important backbone of security and traffic surveillance, which includes vehicle license plate recognition, vehicles counting, speed measurement and video stream recording in high definition.

The collected analytical information is processed in real time and detected incident events (stolen vehicle, unregistered ...) are sent to the traffic police in the field via dedicated mobile applications.

By monitoring the density and flow velocity of vehicles via video analytic cameras, we can proactively detect congestion points and inform the public through web applications with graphics presentations of traffic activities (density of traffic flow), and image and video information of the current traffic conditions.

VMware – “Digital transformation is all about creating new possibilities for your business.”

Presentation of some of the basic products in the Software Defined Data Center portfolio

Being a longstanding leader in the cloud and virtualization technology area, VMware will present some of the basic products in their Software Defined Data Center portfolio.


VMware vSAN

VMware vSAN is a leading Software Defined Storage solution. Learn about the VMware vSAN concept, the architecture of the solution and the proposed use scenarios that have resulted in its top position in the SDS segment. In addition, find out why, according to IDC, Software Defined Storage will account for 50% of the total storage market as early as 2020.


VMware NSX

VMware NSX brings a revolution in the context of modern data center security, speed of implementing system and network resources, integration of many 3rd party vendors in the network and security segment, and significant optimization of physical network resources (routers, switches, firewalls) in a data center. Customers have already witnessed a revolution – that in the server virtualization domain.


VMware vRealize Suite

According to IDC, almost every third Cloud (private or public) is managed, controlled and automated by the VMware vRealize Suite, which comprises several components (available as a Suite or individually). The most important feature of the vRA Suite is that it is possible to control, manage and automate not only the virtual environment, but also the physical environment, databases and applications. Learn about the vRealize product and the potential it provides for transforming your data center into a Software Defined Data Center having all characteristics of those used by major Public Cloud providers.

Technological Innovations in Security and Protection Systems

A new generation of security systems and central integration applications

With the new technologies in security and protection systems, we will show the latest generation of the central integration system Genetec Security Center with Genetec Clearance module, which helps users improve the flow of incident events management, with advanced functions to collect, search digital evidence and collaboration tools that provide relevant insight into the incident event, helping to accelerate the pace of investigation.


Supervisory operation center - SOC

Continuous control of information and communication systems

The main task of the Supervisory Operation Center is to remain competitive, increase efficiency and control the changes on the IT infrastructure, and along all that manage the performance, availability and their safety.


Supervisory operation center transforms IT into a service organization that operates its own high-quality services.


Managing your services means taking care of the stable and smooth business activity of the organization, which provides competitiveness, increases profitability, which should support the ongoing organizational changes and the adaptation to market expectations. Technology should, however, support the stability of services and business processes, which is a prerequisite for the delivery of the existing and the development of new products and services.


Supervisory operations center provides a clear picture of IT capacity and capability of the staff in relation to business expectations.

Software Solution for The 112 Emergency Service

112 – unique European number for emergency services

Number 112 is a unique European number for emergency services in the Republic of Croatia which directs citizens to the operators of 112 services.


The functioning of the 112 Service through the entire process, from accepting and processing the calls, to alerting the appropriate emergency service, does not tolerate errors or slowness. Therefore, it is extremely important for the system used by the operators of 112 to be reliable, fast, easy to use and allows the use of all possible functionalities necessary to work perfectly.


National Protection and Rescue Directorate, in charge of the 112 Service, has implemented the CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) system SPHERE - Operational and contact center for the support of 112 service operators developed by the KING ICT.


All the functionalities of the system and the way in which this nationaly critical system really works, will be demonstrated by the people who use it every day - staff of the 112 Emergency Service.

CA Technologies: Securing Digital Transformation

Proven identity and access management solutions that protect and propel your business

To succeed in today’s digital world, you need to open your business up so users, employees and partners can access the data they need.

But the more open you are, the more vulnerable you become to debilitating data breaches. Not with CA. Check our security solutions from CA identity and access management solutions, payment security to single sign on, we have it all covered – simply and securely.



27 March

Hewlett Packard Enterprise – Silver Partner

27 March

We Present the Software Solution for 112 Emergency Service

24 March

Check Point – Silver Sponsor of The Conference

14:30 - 14:55

Cisco: Security – An Optimal Solution – How to See the Forest for the Trees?

Vedran Hafner, Cisco

Security solutions have long gone beyond the capabilities of a single platform and now represent a complex set of solutions, where it is often difficult to see what each one is used for.


The aim is to provide a system that will not only secure a business organization against external threats, but also use analytics to provide a view of traffic flows and eliminate any security risks which are an inevitable result of work force and resource mobility.


This workshop will cover a number of security solutions and explain their functions, advantages and disadvantages. We will reveal the connections between firewalls, network access control servers, e-mail security, and even cloud-based systems, and recommend which systems to use for which purpose.

CA: Privileged Access Management

Marijan Franović, Practice Manager, Information Security, CA Technologies

Privileged Access Management – Key for Organizational Security in the Connected World

In the past several years, we have been witnesses to exponential increase of attacks on both public and private organizations. Advanced attacks, coming from the outside or with the help from the inside, made the organizations more vulnerable, mainly because in today’s world, no organizations is an island and the world is increasingly more interconnected. Proliferation of hybrid infrastructure didn’t help either.

All of those facts present a serious challenge about how to keep your organization secure while maintaining the health and growth of the business.


Ultimate goal of every attacker is to penetrate the organization, and stay there, unnoticed, for as long as possible. And the best tool to accomplish such feat is to make use of privileged accounts. According to some studies, privileged accounts takeover and misuse have been critical tool for 100% success rate of the attacks, no matter where those attacks originated from.


Find out what you can do to lower the risk connected with privileged accounts and how technology can help you in that quest.

Solution Made By IGEL Technology

Andriy Pozharuk, IGEL Technology GmbH

Croatian Post about its decision to choose IGEL and gained experience.

Introduction of an IGEL Solution - Best End Point Management coming from Germany.

Investing in the Knowledge Economy

Dino Shiatis, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

15:00 - 15:25

Intel Security: GDPR - An Opportunity for Security Transformation

Mo Cashman, Enterprise Architecture Director, Intel Security

Getting ready for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be on the minds of many enterprise business and security executives this year.

The regulation, which comes into effect in May 2018, is not just about increasing fines and security requirements. It’s really about changing organizational culture as it relates to privacy, personal data protection and cyber security in general.

Compliance to the new regulation requires more than the deployment of data loss prevention technology. Preparing for data security and reporting conditions of the new regulation within an interconnected, fast-moving digital enterprise involves a holistic review of security strategy across Governance, People, Process and Technology.

This presentation discuses evolving your security strategy to focus resources and planning on the most important capabilities.

Check Point: Cloud Security

Ivan Hukavec, Check Point and Goran Peteh, Check Point

Check Point uncovers most common misconceptions about Cloud Security.

Come and see vSec eco-system security and integration with various platforms coupled with SandBlast forensic capabilities.

The goal of the workshop is to provide you with best of breed flexible, agile and secure solution that will keep you one step ahead of cyber threats.

C4C – SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Ana Šipušić Pleše, SAP Hybris Presales Consultant

C4C –  SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer - engages customers in more meaningful ways. This cloud CRM portfolio brings sales, customer service, and social CRM together – to form powerful personal connections that drive customer engagement across all channels.


Because businesses need to deliver a seamless customer experience across all communication channels - in-person, on the phone, online, on social media, and via mobile devices. With our cloud-based CRM software, it is possible to:


- Bring sales, service, and social engagement in an integrated SaaS CRM system

- Gain a 360° view of customers to understand their needs in any given moment

- Use real-time customer analytics and predictive insight to improve interactions across all channel

- Run business anywhere, anytime on any device with a mobile-first approach

- Get up and running quickly and cost-effectively with subscription-based cloud CRM solutions

Microsoft: Cloud Migration – The Most Commonly Used Azure Scenarios

Tomislav Tipurić, Microsoft

Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud, has been with us already for many years and has proven to be an extremely advantageous and secure option for various infrastructure scenarios, and in this short workshop, we will cover the key ones to start.


Data Backup and Disaster Recovery will allow you to easily ensure your business continuity without great expense. Expanding your storage space with Azure resources by using StorSimple Virtual Array, will allow the data which the users most commonly access, always to be stored locally, and those used for archiving or those that are just used occasionally, are stored in Azure.


By using Azure virtual machines, that are billed on a per-minute basis, you may save a lot since it is no longer necessary to invest in your own server infrastructure. Scenarios such as virtual machines for development and testing or migration of existing applications to virtual machines (such as, ERP software that works exclusively in work hours etc.) are ideal candidates for Azure.


We will also touch on web applications of natural candidates for cloud storage that provide the user with reduced security risks in terms of different types of attacks, including the infamous DDoS.


  • 09:15
  • 10:00
    Conference Opening

    Plamenko Barišić, President of the Management Board, KING ICT

  • 10:20
    The Ministry of Public Administration – Action Plan

    Mihovil Škarica, State Secretary, Ministry of Public Administration

  • 10:40
    Croatia as Investment Destination: The Role of the EBRD in Economic Development of the Republic of Croatia

    Vedrana Jelušić Kašić, Regional Head for Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

  • 11:10
    Case Study: Challenges and success of the „Dubrovnik Airport Development Project“

    Roko Tolić, CEO, Dubrovnik Airport

  • Coffee break
  • 12:00
    Case Study: Schengen Project

    Joško Dorić, Assistant Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia

  • 12:40
    Motivational Lecture: Growth and Change

    Josipa Majić, Entrepreneur and Co-founder, Teddy the Guardian

  • Lunch 13:15


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