Motivational Lecture by Josipa Majić

Project Teddy the Guardian achieves success all around the world


The motivational lecture at Open Integrations Day has always attracted great attention thanks to the extraordinary motivational speakers, people who distinguish themselves with their talents, work and achievements in Croatia and worldwide.


This year it is our great pleasure to announce the author of the motivational lecture at the 12th Open Integrations Day - Josipa Majić.


Josipa Majić is a young entrepreneur and innovator, who designed the project Teddy the Guardian.


Teddy the Guardian is a smart toy with a hidden apparatus which accurately measures the temperature and vital functions of a sick child. It is enough to squeeze the bear's right paw for a few seconds and the application located in the bear immediately sends information about the health condition to a smart phone or a gadget. All the loadings are connected with the user profile which makes it easy to follow the previous data.


This seemingly small project has achieved success all around the world. The fact that Josipa took part at the opening of the Global entrepreneurship summit in Kenya two years ago at the invitation of President Barack Obama proves that the project's value has been recognized globally.


Josipa will talk about her wonderful and worthwhile project at the 12th Open Integration Day. A great reason not to miss this year's motivational lecture!


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